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As stated in the introduction, there is now very strong evidence that man is degenerating genetically and has been going on for thousands of yearsdue to continuously accumulating mutations.

The Bible states that all people on earth can trace their ancestry to a single woman, Eve. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. The Faithful Father. Only man is a conscious moral being with a soul, capable of communion with God.

The whole chimp genome now desperately needed to be revised. Genetic evidence that there was a literal Adam, the father of us all. Huge improvement! The blue line represents population size — which in this experiment was held constant from one generation to the next.

All this is remarkably consistent with the biblical perspective, wherein: In the Bible, you will find references to medicine properties of different foods and herbs.

For a long time evolutionists have been arguing that Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosome Adam did not even live in the same timeframe and were separated by tens of thousands of years.

The Red Tea Detox — New and huge weight loss offer for ! She is an accomplished public speaker and conducts Christ Walk programs at her local churches. Cure Ed: If the Y chromosome mutates extremely rapidly required by evolutionists to explain the vast differences between chimp and human Y chromosomeshow is it possible that all men have faith diet by fully optimized biblical identical Y chromosomes, and are so very similar to Y-chromosome Adam?

There is no possibility that this amount of genetic change could have occurred in such a short time. The data is coherent and internally consistent in a way that could never happen by chance.

The call to radical sexual fidelity. They are provided in the Book of Common Prayer in a manner which makes their discipline of prayer, psalmody, and Holy Scripture the daily spiritual diet of the Church, clergy and laity alike.

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A cure for HIV by ? Any one of these would have been much more complicated than just changing a specific string of 8 letters into a specific string of 8 different letters.

The Church has consistently affirmed these elements of Scripture and has affirmed these things as foundational doctrine. Additional reporting - Claire Coleman. The branch lengths are proportional to the average number of mutations that separate the sequences of living people from the base of each branch or branches.

We are unique and alone now in the world. Read more Collapse About the author Anna Fitch Courie is a registered nurse by training and has been working in the health care field for the past eighteen years. Increase of the adaptive body of Thomas Delauer see mobile: In a nutshell, these diets advise healthy eating, with not a pizza, beer or burger in sight.

The historical Adam consensus sequence sits at the center of several hundred samples of modern men from diverse people groups. Vegetables Daniel diet or the Daniel fast is referred in the Bible where Daniel and his friends choose a vegetarian diet instead of a Babylonian diet.

Historically, scientific communities have sometimes been subject to bigotry and have represented ideologically-driven hierarchical power structures. The curve is very consistent with the concept of genomic degeneration caused by mutation accumulation.

From a biblical perspective there should be clear evidences of correspondence between Genesis 10 and many distribution of many of the people groups and nations of today.

So why am I telling you all this? Modern social engineers have helped create this moral crisis, and they are now aggressively imposing their social agenda on the entire world. When we the authors have followed this exact procedure using available mitochondrial data, we see that Mitochondrial Eve lived less than 6, years ago.

For example, as far back as the s, evolutionary mathematicians realized there was a huge problem. Rather, let us just ask how long it would take to establish 8 genetic letter changes i.

This is partly why humans have vastly superior capabilities and characteristics. The genetic chasm between chimp and man is vast. But now all geneticists agree that there is but one mother of us all. There, accompanied by a team of 60, he runs Hallelujah Acres, a thriving spiritual and healthy eating business.

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The result is a classic biological decay curve — very similar to the decay curve based upon the biblical longevity data see Figure 5. Thus, we would predict that a single ancestral mitochondrial sequence should be readily recognized within every human being, and this is exactly what is seen.The faith diet: Bible inspired slimming.

Colbert scoured the Bible to find out what Biblical characters ate, such as grapes, figs, pomegranates, lentils and legumes. His follow-up book, Living.

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Faith diet by fully optimized biblical
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